Blue smokey eyes

smoky%2Bblue%2Beyes%2Blook Blue smokey eyes
My first look using Makeup Geek e/s ! And I must admit I was really impressed… Even if the e/s seemed pretty soft, I hadn’t have any fallout! And I was using one of the darkest shades – Nautica. This color is perfect for smokey eyes. I’ve used some other colors along with this one, but believe me you can use it by itself with a highlighting color for your brow bone and inner corner!

I added some sparkles also, but you can skip that icon smile Blue smokey eyes
Hope you will like it. Let me know in the comments. I so enjoy reading all your opinions.




  • Golden Rose lipstick #99
smoky%2Bblue%2Beyes%2Bwith%2Bglitter Blue smokey eyes
blue%2Bglittery%2Bsmoky%2Beyes Blue smokey eyes
blue%2Bsmoky%2Beyes Blue smokey eyes
sparkling%2Bsmoky%2Beyes Blue smokey eyes
DSC000022 Blue smokey eyes


6 thoughts on “Blue smokey eyes

    • Thank you! As to the e/s, I am so happy I could try some of them… Marlena and her team did a good job!

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