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L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder review

What I am looking for in a compact powder :

  • light coverage, almost translucent
  • non drying formula
  • silky texture, very finely milled
  • natural finish, not too matte not shimmery or dewy
  • non cakey
  • 6-8 hrs lasting power (well at least)

When I was reading the description of L’Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder, my first thought was: yes, this is what I was searching for!

closeup L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder

It seems that the name of this powder may vary in different countries… I suppose it is similar to L’Oreal True Match powder or it’s exactly the same product with different names. I am not sure.

info L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder

I paid US$15 for it. It contains 9g of product.

My shade is D1 Golden Ivory. There are other 4 shades in this line. Light to medium with yellow or pink undertones.

The largest variety of shades is available in USA in the True Match line – 32 shades! I wish this variety would be available for other countries as well… 🙂

Even if the shade I’ve got for myself is a good match for me, I’d like if there would be a light color with neutral undertone, unfortunately I had to choose between a light color with yellow and pink hue.

L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder review

What I didn’t like about this powder: the packaging. I don’t like that it’s transparent and that silver rim on the cap get that “frayed look” so easily. I’d prefer a matte black (or other color), non transparent, plastic case.

It has a mirror and a sponge.

demonstration L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder

The sponge has its own room and I liked this idea. It’s just too small for me and thin and soft… I don’t like it.

L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder sponge

As to the quality of this powder I am really impressed.

texture of L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder

It feels so silky! No other drugstore compact powder did provide me that… Very finely milled. What I like a lot about this powder is that it’s totally non powdery! That means no mess and no waste of product!

The coverage is just how I wanted it to be. Almost translucent. Don’t expect any coverage. It will just even out your skin tone or beautifully set your foundation.

pigmentation of L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder

It gives a natural finish, though the oil control is great! I don’t need any touch ups at all during the day. Maybe on a hot summer day I will need that but ’till then… I will enjoy it! I have normal skin which gets a bit drier in winter and normal to combination in summer. I suppose this powder will work good on oily skin too.

It is not cakey, unless you don’t apply too much powder. Usually I apply a thin layer to set up my foundation.
I’d say it works like photoshop. It visually minimize your pores and evens out your skin.
I like how my skin looks in videos and photos when I have this powder on!

I don’t know if it contains SPF, but it’s not a con for me even if it doesn;t because my moisturizer does contain it and foundation also, so… 🙂

In the photo below I want to show you how this powder works. In the “before” photo I have just my moisturizer on. As you can see I have some redness on my face and a zit which is almost gone but it is still visible… The “after” photo I applied two layers of this powder. It evens my skin tone pretty good! I used a kabuki brush.
When I have a thin layer of my foundation on that facial hair doesn’t show up like in the “after” photo of course 😀

L'Oreal Paris Alliance Perfect Compact Powder demonstration

This is my first L’Oreal powder and I am happy I picked it.
And yes, I would recommend it if you have the same requirements when looking for a powder.

Tell me your opinion! Did you try it? What’s you fav compact powder? 😉

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