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Review – Pretty Compact Quartet Eye Shadow P046 by Flormar

This is my third palette from Pretty Compact Quartet Eye Shadow line by Flormar. I’ve had already reviewed  the P042 and P045 palettes by Flormar.

P046 by Flormar

Pretty Compact Quartet Eye Shadow P046 by Flormar ingredients 

Price: $3.5 – $4
You get 14g!!! of product. Diameter of this palette is almost 7cm. Pretty compact and travel friendly!

close up Pretty Compact Quartet Eye Shadow P046 by Flormar

It consists of 4 colors: white with beautiful, very fine white flecks, shimmery medium gray, matte dar gray it’s like wet asphalt and matte black.
This is a great selection of 4 shades to create a perfect smokey eyes!


The texture of these e/s is very silky, like all the other e/s from this line.
The lighter colors are more on the powdery side. I suggest using a base especially for the white e/s (it’s the most powdery and sheer), or apply it with a damp brush to prevent any fallout and for a better adhesion.

P046 by Flormar
See those flecks??? I toned down the brightness of this photo, because this way they are more visible 🙂

 The color payoff is great. And I think with these shades you can easily create a soft smokey eyes, because even the darkest color out of these 4, which is the black, is not a jet black, it’s a soft black 🙂 

swatches P046 by Flormar
close up P046 by Flormar

They blend easily. I didn’t have any issues with that.

In terms of price/quality I love Flormar products! And this palette is not an exception 🙂

If you have a chance take a look at the products of this brand. The prices are very affordable and the quality is great! 

What are your fav products by Flormar? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I LOVE everything about this new line from Flormar , the quality & price are jut AMAZING , I got the the 45 one and loved it more cannot wait to get the whole line ..BTW , I am from Egypt and very happy to find your blog you’re very talented and the Eastern European market is very close to what we have here 😀

  2. I’ve never heard of Flormar, but the pigmentation of these shadows looks great! Also, the price seems really good 🙂

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