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Review: Performance Eyes Kit by Sigma

If you have watched some of my tutorials you already know that I try to apply my makeup very neat and precise. For that I need many brushes of different sizes, especially flat small and medium size brushes.
Performance Eyes Kit by Sigma
With that being said, I would like to introduce you one of the Sigma’s new brush sets for precise application – Performance Eyes Kit

This kit was my prize (along with the Bare palette and the brush dryer) in a contest hold on Makeupbee beauty community and sponsored by Sigma. I was sooo excited, because I was so curious about this set…

I used it for few weeks, already washed all the brushes few times and I am ready to tell you my thoughts on this set!

It came in a cardboard box, no additional case or brush roller.

This set consists of 8 brushes. let’s see what’s stated on the site:

I will tell you my opinion on each brush. Let’s start!

Click on images to enlarge them.

E11 Eye Liner brush (synthetic bristles):
sigma brush
– This brush is so tiny! At first I didn’t like it, because the bristles seem to be too short to my liking 🙂 You can see in the photo below that the bristles are a lot shorter than in a regular eyeliner brush… E11 bristles are only 6mm. I kinda got used to it already, but anyways some additional 2-3 mm would make it a perfect eye liner brush 🙂
Sigma E05
in comparison with my fav eyeliner brush by Sigma E05
E16 Tightline liner brush (synthetic bristles):
E16 Tightline liner brush
– To be sincere, I didn’t find any use for this brush yet 🙂 I don’t like using it as a tightliner brush, it is too stiff. I tried to use it for pencil technique and didn’t like the result either. If you have any suggestions, let me know 🙂
E17 Waterline Liner brush:
E17 Waterline Liner brush
– Even if it seems to be quite identical to the previous E16 brush, this one I liked more. The bristles are the same quality, but they are much shorter. And that’s what makes it a perfect tool for applying liners onto the waterline. It does what was promised, so no issues with this one.
E21 Smudge brush (natural bristles):
E21 Smudge brush
– This is my favourite brush out of all 8 🙂 It is small, the bristles are not harsh, nor too soft or flimsy. Usually I am using it for my lower lashline to smudge a bit the eyeshadows. But it can be used to apply color in the crease also. I am totally satisfied with this one!
E36 blending brush:
E36 blending brush
– I thought this will be like a mini version of E35 brush … but no. Of course it is not dense enough. The bristles are soft and too long in my opinion, this makes it more flimsy. So, not even a chance for a good blending job, especially when it comes to matte dark or bright e/s which are harder to blend… this brush will fail 🙂 I found another use for it 😀 When I want to add some sparkles to my eye makeup, whether it’s glittering e/s or some shining loose e/s, I use this brush 🙂 It spreads the product so well. Not too much and not too little 🙂 It adds the perfect shining effect to my looks.
E46 Shader Inner Corner brush (natural bristles):
E46 Shader Inner Corner brush
– I won’t talk too much about this one… Maybe if you have small lids you will like it, but I find it too small for me.
E47 Shader Crease (natural bristles):
E47 Shader Crease brush
– This brush is very soft. I use it to apply e/s in the crease. I like the fact that you can’t overdo with a dark colour using this baby. You will get just the right amount in the crease and if you need more you can build it up until you get the desired result!
E56 Shader Lid brush (natural bristles):
E56 Shader Lid brush
– This brush has same shape as the E46, same bristles, but it is bigger. I use it ocassionally to apply eyeshadows on my lid… but I don’t reach often for it, maybe it should be a bit wider to my liking. You will like it if you have small lids.
It was a good idea to create a kit of brushes for detailed work, and I really recommend it especially for girls with small lids 🙂
My fav brush out of this kit is the E21.
Leave me your opinion if you have this kit, what’s your favourites, or if you don’t have it, which brushes seem interesting to you? 🙂

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