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The Skin Regime by Dana Ramos

The Skin Regime

           “Great skin forever, inexpensively and simply.”

The Skin Regime
I was so excited when I received an e-mail from Dana Ramos!

She asked me if I would like to receive her book about skin care along with a sample for review. I already heard about this book, so it didn’t take me too long to reply Dana’s e-mail 🙂

Take a look at Dana’s unretouched photo; no face makeup (only some eye makeup and lip gloss):

dana ramos The Skin Regime

Who would dare say NO?! 🙂

the skin regime
Little sneak peak 😉

Why do I recommend you this book?

  • very easy to read; so even if English is not your native language (just like in my case) you won’t need a translator to enjoy the reading 😉
  • you will find out interesting facts about products you’re using on your face;
  • what ingredients work best for your skin? knowing that, you won’t spend a fortune searching for products that really work;
  • if you didn’t hear anything about glycolic peel and all its benefits, Dana shared a lot of valuable information about it in her book 🙂
  • Dana will reveal you in her book how to get the perfect skin, get rid of pimples, of other skin issues and how to look your best!

I don’t wanna talk too much about what’s inside the book… I found it very helpful and learnt some tips I didn’t know before 🙂

I also received a sample of a 30% Glycolic Peel pH 2.1:

glycolic peels

All the instructions and advices on how to use the peel are in the book, but I’ll tell you how I did it 🙂
You need to start with a clean face. Prepare your skin with rubbing alcohol, I applied it on my face avoiding the eye and mouth area. And then applied the peel… After 20 secs it started to burn! But it wasn’t something I couldn’t endure. I know that some burning is inevitable. I waited for 3-4 mins and rinsed it off with lukewarm water. My skin was so smooth! I didn’t have any redness, everything went great for me. I applied my moisturizer and enjoyed that feeling 😉 I didn’t experience any flakiness… But I did notice in the next days that my small, whitehead pimples just disappeared from my forehead! Bingo!
Now, I wanna try so badly the entire system. One peel is not enough for sure 🙂

Definetely check Dana’s Facebook and Twitter ! And don’t hesitate to visit TheSkinRegime website to grab the book! It contains a lot of valuable information, and for only $8.21USD!!!

And now for the best part, Dana was kind enough to offer her book and a sample of glycolic peel to one of my lucky winner!
The giveaway is opened worldwide! It will last ’till June 1, 2013. The winner will be chosen by Refflecopter 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love lancome!

  2. My favorite skin care brand is clinique, but I’m not super devoted to it.

  3. I don’t have a fave brand, I buy the products my cosmetitian advice me for my actual state of my skin…

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