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Wet n Wild 2013 Holiday Collection – A Great Glistener Eyeshadow Palette Review

Wet n Wild came out with its Holiday collection 2013. It does consist of 3 eyeshadow palettes and some glittery nailpolishes. Well, I am not a fan of Wet n Wild eyeshadows at all, but I decided to try these ones… I don’t know even why. I still was hoping anything changed about their formulas, because a lot of bloggers raved about this collection, telling that the eyeshadows are buttery and pigmented.

After trying them I am not sure if we are even using the same palettes lol


So, I’ve got for myself the most neutral palette “A Great Glistener”, because I am not wearing that much color during fall and winter. The other two palettes had more color, one was green based the other one was blue based.


I do never follow the instructions on the eyeshadow palettes… The top raw is definitely not something I would put on my brow bone.


Top raw has 3 frosty eyeshadows: silver, white and light golden.

Middle raw: a denim blue, violet blue and a medium rusty brown; the eyeshadows have a shimmery finish.

Bottom raw: a matte black and a matte warm brown.

At first it looks like a nice color selection. These colors would be perfect for both neutral and dramatic makeup.

Here you have the swatches:

Top raw:


Middle raw:


Bottom raw:


The biggest issue with these eyeshadows is the lack of adhesion!!! They are not buildable. The pigmentation is very poor also, well except the matte ones, they performed ok.

The most awful is the middle raw of eyeshadows. Didn’t work for me at all. The colors showed up so sheer… and almost dissapeared after being blended.

The frosty eyeshadows are literally just like glitters; some of the glitter is pretty chunky though. On the swatches it looks like some color shows up, but on the lids its just some glitter. Maybe if using them on a very sticky base, some color will show up. I used them on top of other eyeshadows and unfortunately they didn’t work that way.

These eyeshadows are chalky. Their texture is pretty dry. If you’re not careful enough, you’ll  have tons of  fallout.

I didn’t like them.

I will show you one of my looks I made using this palette along with another Wet n Wild palette (yes, I bought two palettes; why???)



I liked how it turned out, but the shadows themselves are not the most pleasant to work with for sure.

I’ve got them from Wallgreen’s for $4.99US

And yes, I regret buying them, and I think no more Wet n Wild eyeshadows…

See you in my next post!

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