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Wet n Wild Art in the Streets eyeshadow palette

Art in the Streets is one of the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes. As crazy colorful as it may seem to you at first sight, it actually has a very nice selection of colors. It has 5 bright colors: a purple, orange yellow, gree and light blue.  Any combination of these colors will work great. The color theory did the job and it wasn’t just a bunch of random colors selected for this palette, I am pretty sure of that.


It retails for $3.99US, at least that’s the price of it at the moment at our local Wallgreens.

I don’t like Wet n Wild eyeshadows overall, but I still somehow buy their palettes hoping to get something worthing it finally.


The eyeshadows are mostly matte, except purple and yellow which have somewhat of a satiny finish.


This palette is my fav out of all my Wet n Wild palettes I own at the moment. You know why? Because it has 3 colors I know I will be using them very often. Three colors out of five is great 🙂 Comparing to other Wet n Wild palettes with more eyeshadows in them… and me not liking any or barely one or two, this one is pretty nice 🙂

wetnwild-artinthestreetsNow moving on into more details…

Wet n Wild promises high-intensity pigments and satiny-smooth texture. It looks like that in the packaging. Bright and colorful and smooth.

As I said it has 3 colors which are pretty good and I do really enjoy using them. So, the winners of this palette are: orange, green and light blue. They are pigmented, have a smooth texture, soft, not too powdery and they are matte.  Anyways you will need a base because they tend to fade out while you’ll be blending them.

The purple and yellow are really crappy. Zerro color payoff, well if you’ll apply a sticky base you’ll get something out of them. They are very powdery. The texture is not completely matte like the other 3 eyeshadows, I already mentioned this before. They are just way too soft, like they are not properly pressed. It’s very hard to work with them that’s why I’m not gonna use any of these two 🙂 Their application is uneven due to all those cons I told you…

Enjoy the swatches. I used my foundation as a base for these eyeshadows:


And here you have the list of ingredients. In case you’re allergic to something or just wanna know what’s in there 😉


Hope it was interesting for you. I have more reviews coming your way this week 🙂

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