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Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Bulletproof Glide Eyeshadow Palette Review

Yes, it’s another Wet n Wild product review. In my previous post I was talking about the Great Glistener palette from their 2013 Holiday Collection. This post will be about another limited eyeshadow palette from Fergie Collection. It’s their new palette limited edition – Bulletproof Glide.

wetnwildfergielimitededitionI am totally into neutrals lately as you can tell…

wetnwildfergielimitededitionreviewIt has 5 pretty colors:

  • a satiny white (it looks more pink beige in the pan but it’s white)
  • matte khaki brown
  • shimmery light silver
  • shimmery gunmetal
  • matte black

Well, let’s take a look now what Wet n Wild is promising us:

wetnwildfergiebulletproofglideThe description has nothing to do with this particular palette unfortunately. The quality is really poor. The eyeshadows are powdery, chalky and not pigmented. The gunmetal shade and the matte black are quite ok, but because of their dry and chalky texture I won’t be using them.

wetnwildfergiebulletproofglidereviewThe shimmery light silver is so sheer that the only thing you get on your lids is glitter, same with that white eyeshadow which I thought will be a nice highlighting color.

The khaki brown would be a nice transition color if not its quality which I don’t enjoy. It’s too powdery and actually it almost totally fades when you try to blend it into another color.

I paid US5.29$ for ir and I deeply regret getting it.

Here are the swatches, I used my foundation as a base for these eyeshadows:

wetnwildfergiebulletproofglideswatchesThis is the makeup I’ve done using this palette along with the Great Glistener palette:

brownarabicmakeupHope you enjoyed my post.

Have a great weekend everyone 😉

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